Hey, so a bit about me. Although my primary focus these days is on my career as a writer / director, I have a multidisciplinary background working as a graphic artist, film editor, and entrepreneur. Over the years I’ve collaborated with various artists and musicians to create a variety of music videos, commercial content and short films. After the Cannes premiere of my short film Judas' Chariot (2014), I went on to direct my first feature film, Let Me Make You A Martyr ( ft. Marylin Manson, Michael Potts, Mark Boone Jr, Niko Nicotera) - which was acquired by Filmrise and released in theaters and on VOD in the summer of 2017. I am currently developing a slate of films and television series, including a feature film based on the true story of my father’s criminal empire in 1980's Miami. I currently reside in NYC, but I travel to most of the major film markets throughout the year with my network of friends who have come to be formally known as Woodside.